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Accelerator Seminar

Why some People Succeed against All Odds

Lessons from resilient leaders who stretch beyond difficulties

Resilient Leaders go against all odds because they bounce back quicker and know what they need to do in change.

In today’s world where disruptors abound, many established companies are forced to reshape the way they do business.  To be competitive, companies are reshaping their leaders as well.  They know they need to survive any market changes quickly, respond appropriately and outperform consistently.  They need resilient leaders.


Resilient leaders are bold and calm. They know it is important to bounce back quickly, and they know how to do it.  They navigate their way to positive outcomes and deliberately choose what to focus on.  They may not know everything but they are ready to work towards a better future.


The good news is – resilience can be learned and enhanced.  Ultimately, those who can transform themselves are those who are left standing – and smiling – in the end.


Complimentary Session


16 June 2016 Thursday, 10.30am-12.00pm


5/F, Island Place Tower, 510 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong


We cordially invite Department Heads, Team Leads and Business

Leaders who often lead change exercise within the organization to

join us and learn more about Resilience










  • How do resilient leaders beat all odds and outwit others?

  • Understanding our belief systems and how they can get in the way

  • Understanding our own motives and values and how they can make change possible

  • The 7 resilience muscles that you can start building


Connie Tsui-Burchfield, Managing Director

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