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Sharing with our Community

At Radix, we encourage any activities that can benefit our community. Because we believe in equality, we share our resources in different forms wherever and whenever we go. We do not confine the form or target groups. We believe in shared meanings.


Our consultants and trainers have had years of experience in learning and development. Naturally, we offer our expertise by conducting pro bono workshops and free coaching to individuals who may not have easy access to learning. We believe that by equipping individuals with fundamental skills, whether they are interpersonal skills, communication skills or leadership skills, they are able to flourish at work.

Volunteer Work

We broaden our perspectives when we do not fixate at our own problems but look around and help others. We invite our associates, partners and friends to join in for various volunteer work such as visiting the elders, delivering meals to the needies and showing care to the homeless. We believe in random kindness, thus we do not judge whom and how we should give or recieve.  We share our time, care and resources.


We support different charities in times of crises and natural disasters. On a more regular basis, we support the poverty alleviation work by Friends of Guangming. We decided to join this charity group because we agree with the mission set by their founders twenty years ago. They aim to alleviate poverty in China via installing water tanks, educating the villagers on hygiene and farming, buidling schools for children, among others.

Join us!  Love is contagious!

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