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Our practices

People make the difference. Great organizations become great because they have the right people to implement the right strategies for the right outcomes they want to see. 
Simply put, our mission is to help organizations achieve their objectives through the right strategy. We do this through the four practice areas in which we operate.
Leadership Development


In today's matrixed or networked organizations, leadership comes in many forms.  Whether you are a project or team leader, often you are required to lead without explicit authority. Or perhaps you have been assigned a leadership position because of your past individual achievements. Now you are dependent on a group of team members to achieve the same or better results.  Are you ready? Radix can provide you the means to take leadership to a new level.




Team Efficacy



High performing teams do not just happen. They are the result of collective effort generated by dedicated team members with clear roles and precise execution. Knowing when and how to motivate team members requires a deep understanding both of the members themselves and the organizational climate in which they function. Radix can help you build and maintain team commitment and efficacy.


Executive Coaching


Coaching is a results-driven process structured to empower the coachee to envision and elicit necessary change.  It is particularly valuable in helping experienced leaders deepen self-discovery, because in many cases it is not new knowledge they seek but someone who can act as a sounding board to enable them to find their own solutions.  When leaders are humble enough to acknowledge the value of assistance, they can use their past experience to reach new levels of effectiveness. Radix can help you bring the best out of your executives, even when it seems to be in hiding.  



Talent Management

The modern workforce is multi-generational, comprised of demographic groups from the Baby Boomers of the 1950s to the Millennials of the 1990s and beyond. Each generation can be characterized by unique skill sets and work styles. To maintain corporate success, an organization needs both succession planning to deal with its retiring executives, who tend to be Boomers, and workforce management to deal with talent gaps, both real and perceived, between the generations. Radix can help you bridge your own “generation gap” through appropriate talent management.

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