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Our philosophy

Our management philosophy is based on Integrity.  Decades of corporate experience have taught our founders that integrity is the cornerstone for personal and professional success. From integrity springs the trust that is necessary for effective leadership, team collaboration and organizational growth. It is a value that we will not compromise.


How do we demonstrate integrity?  We embrace these values in our daily operations:


The client’s need is our bottom line

Less is sometimes more. We are relentless at finding the best solution for our clients, even if it means reducing the scope of the project or our potential profit.  This requires constant reappraisal of the available resources, sharp analysis and bold decision making.  We are proud of our experience but we do not let it hold down our capacity to learn and innovate.  



We like to ask questions (discretely)

We are always curious.  It is second nature to us to ask questions that will lead to a fuller picture of all relevant issues.  We are tactful in approaching stakeholders in our client companies, yet our intention is to get as close to the facts as possible.


We are not afraid to dream

"Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." (Alice, of Alice in Wonderland).  Many new and innovative solutions may seem inconceivable when they are first proposed. We want to stay imaginative, creative and open-minded, because sometimes the best ideas are not the obvious ones.  At the same time, we subject all of our ideas to the same demanding standard of critical review. We do not wish to trade open-mindedness for empty-headedness.

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