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About us

‘Radix’ comes from the Latin word for ‘root’ and signifies the fundamental principle of growth, not just for living organisms but for organizations as well.​ At Radix, we pride ourselves on establishing strong roots for individual and corporate growth and development.




We believe that professional growth is the key to individual satisfaction. It is a powerful motivating factor both inside and outside of the workplace. We believe that strong roots produce healthy growth, and are indeed indispensable to long-term growth.


Radix Consulting Limited is founded on these principles. Radix is a management solution consulting company that offers unique and empirically-verified solutions to help employees and companies achieve healthy, sustainable success through growth.  Our four main practice areas are Leadership Development, Executive CoachingTeam Efficacy and Talent Management.  In the internet age, when companies are too often striving at cross-purposes for both speed and results, we take a more balanced path. We are not afraid to slow down when necessary to facilitate comprehensive, internalized learning, for then we can move all the faster to deliver maximum impact. 


We are passionate about bringing efficient and lasting solutions to our clients, solutions based on the latest research and professional insight. We are constantly expanding our knowledge of relevant cross-disciplinary studies, the traits and behaviors of high performers, the cultures and sub-cultures of great companies, human behavior, megatrends, and other cutting edge subjects.  We are especially adept at sourcing ideas and customizing them to squarely match our clients' needs.



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