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New Program Offering!

Resilience Accreditation Program (2 days)

Speed of change is increasing faster than ever and adapting to change is hard work – and costly. Of all the factors that contribute to adapting to change, the single most important factor is resilience—the capacity to absorb high levels of change and maintain high levels of performance. When resilient people face the ambiguity, anxiety, and loss of control that accompany change,
they tend to grow stronger from their experiences rather than feel depleted by them. Personal resilience can be measured and developed and research shows that developing personal resilience yields numerous benefits – tangible and intangible.

Resilience Factory Limited utilizes Resilience Alliance’s personal resilience methodology which is based on 20 years of research by the President and founder of Resilience Alliance, Linda Hoopes, in cooperation with ODR and its founder Daryl R. Conner, as well as significant real-life application in hundreds of organizations and with over 100 000 individuals. 


There are seven resilience characteristics:

  1. Positive: The World Resilient individuals effectively identify opportunities in turbulent environments.

  2. Positive: Yourself Resilient individuals have the personal confidence to believe they can succeed in the face of uncertainty.

  3. Focused Resilient individuals have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and use this as a guide when they become disoriented.

  4. Flexible: Thoughts Resilient individuals generate a wide range of ideas and approaches for responding to change.

  5. Flexible: Social Resilient individuals draw readily on others’ resources for assistance and support during change.

  6. Organized Resilient individuals effectively develop and apply systems, processes, and structures when dealing with change.

  7. Proactive Resilient individuals initiate action in the face of uncertainty, taking calculated risks rather than seeking the comfort of the status quo.



Program Details



Date: March 5-6, 2016


Venue: to be announced

The package includes:

- Two days of live facilitated learning

- One post-training webinar on practice

- Two Personal Resilience Profiles

- Personal Resilience Facilitation Kit 


Pre-program work: 
                You will be required to complete a Personal Resilience Questionnaire before the certification training


Program fee & registration:




       Please send your name and contact information to or call +852 9278 1184 


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