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This is your chance to start being successful and continue to be successful at work and at your personal life.  


Proudly presenting our first public workshop in 2017  "Write Your Own Story all the way to the Top ... and Stay There!" by Prof. Arina Isaacson, UC Berkeley Hass School of Business.   Almost all successful leaders begin with these two great factors - Presence and Storytelling.  Find out why!

discovering your authentic leadership

Our Team

We are a team of management consultants and human resources professionals with over twenty years of corporate experience in Asia and worldwide.  We are rigid in regards to our expectations and flexible in the best way to get there. 


We have been leaders and team players at different times. We have assisted many executives and managers in challenging times.  Our clients value our comprehensive approach and the impact we achieve through their employees.  We set high goals for ourselves and we do not get discouraged easily.


Your objectives are our priorities.








We offer consulting and learning solutions to organizations that see their people as their greatest assets. We assess, develop and influence leaders at all levels.  We bring in both time-tested and cutting-edge models to help shape solutions that enable managers and talents to work more effectively.


We understand the business world and how modern corporate organizations interact with society. Therefore, we are able to provide high-level guidance rapidly --- often within our initial consultation ---  and to provide specific, targeted solutions that meet our clients’  unique needs with minimal turnaround time.

Areas of Practice


Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Team Efficacy

Talent Management




Contact Us








​+852 2339 1122

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